Sunday 15 February 2015

The Singing Stones Reviews

What people have been saying about The Singing Stones 

It’s a poetic narrative performed with spirit and energy by the entire ensemble and tells the story of a woman who is beaten by guards and imprisoned but releases her spirit through her beautiful singing voice..... Adshead achieves a unique poetic power … Daily Telegraph

… a strong and heady picture of women making history ……  some great moments of political criticism the playwriting is suddenly able to soar free of the gruesome realities of political defeat and to scatter a bouquet of sharply wrought images across the hot studio space... Aleks Sierz, Arts desk

The Singing Stones is a powerful, thought provoking piece of theatre but much more importantly it is a timely challenge to us to hear the women’s stories behind all the news reports.  Across three very different pieces Kay Adshead forces us to listen to these silenced voices, engage with their pain and travel with them through hope to despair.  It is not an easy or comfortable experience and I left the theatre raw and emotionally wrung out but it is precisely our need to turn away from painful stories that Adshead addresses here.  The multi cultural cast take on a whole range of different roles, inhabiting each one with passion and commitment, to build up layers of narrative, counterpointed by the haunting singing of Najma Akhtar.  This is not a cosy evening of entertainment but it is timely and important and shows us why these voices must be heard.