Saturday, 23 February 2013

Acts of Defiance... ..

Image from Theatre of Protest, Mama Quilla at The Roundhouse

Acts of Defiance launched by MAMA QUILLA in 2013 is a series of short public interactions or interventions, theatre poems, or film essays, recording dignified and peaceful opposition to injustice and oppression.

Mama Quilla will commission, curate, and publish on the web, a filmed portfolio of work. It is hoped the work will span commissioned short pieces, from individuals or community venues, activist organisations protesting, to candid guerrilla filming from citizens witnessing small acts of justices (and big acts if witnessed). Short, site-specific pieces, commissioned, rehearsed and performed in/on community spaces, will be filmed.

It is anticipated contributions will range from experienced artists to emerging artists, to passionate individuals or groups, (who have never created film / live performance before)

Currently commissioned under The First Timers Initiative are Simion Simms, Ann Akin and Bridie Moore.

Open contributions are more than welcome, but not all submissions may be guaranteed inclusion in the online portfolio.

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